About us

Innovation & sustainability for the power industry

Who we are

fleXmart was born from the synergy of 2 world class energy leaders:
Atos Worldgrid & Energy Pool.

Our Mission

Putting together state-of-the-art experience and expertise of grid operation, management of flexibilities and IT integration with digital transformation, to provide first-class solutions to manage global flexibilities for System Operators and Utilities.

The assets of the fleXmart partners

Business Partners

Atos Worldgrid is an Atos business unit delivering sophisticated integration projects and real-time smart energy solutions to Energy and Utilities companies across the power, water, oil & gas value chains. With 1,500 engineers and over 30 years experience, Atos Worldgrid operates in more than 15 countries. It has in particular equipped 70 nuclear power plants with its supervision and command & control software in France, UK, Russia and China and delivered the world’s largest smart metering system.

Energy Pool is a global leader in demand response. Energy Pool aggregates large electricity consumers (Industrial & Commercial) and monetize their flexibility in electricity consumption. Electricity consumers become actor of system balancing while reducing their electricity bill. Energy Pool today manages 2500 MW of flexible load 24/7 from a wide range of assets: processes, onsite generation, storage. Energy Pool is currently expanding abroad and provides its expertise to system stakeholders to support them to design and implement high class demand response solutions adapted to their needs.

Our references

Achievements from the Business Partners

Assets & Grid Optimization
Leveraging our unique optimization modules, we optimize the use of generation and grid assets from real time to long term collecting and analyzing data from the whole utility landscape: customer portfolio, generation, Transmission & Distribution (T&D ) infrastructure…Through our IT systems, we improve efficiency of existing generation assets and set up CAPEX avoidance program. Assets portfolio management can also be improved by integrating demand monitoring (smart meters) and deploying demand response programs.


Electricity grid study and optimization
Losses avoidance programs
Demand Response potential analysis
Imbalance reduction programs
CO2 trading
Demand Side Management (DSM)
fleXmart unlocks the full potential of demand flexibilities to reduce customers’ electricity bill whilst providing even more value to the utility. fleXmart enables smarter consumption through Energy Efficiency and Demand Response programs. We design, implement and operate Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Demand Response to secure the electricity system at the lowest cost. With fleXmart, manage demand flexibilities from real time to long term and monetize them on the most valuable markets: Energy markets, Ancillary Services, including frequency regulation, and Capacity markets.


Smart meters design & deployment
Leading edge management tools deployment: Energy Management System (EMS) et Distribution Management System (DMS)
C&I customer enrollment
Capacity, energy markets & ancillary services participation enabler
Primary reserve participation through Demand Response
Demand Side Management (DSM), Distributed Generation (DG) and Renewable Energy Sources (RES)
fleXmart provides solutions to efficiently develop and integrate renewable energy sources into the grid. fleXmart improves forecast programs and allows smart pooling of variable assets with more predictable one to ensure real-time supply and demand adequacy. fleXmart Virtual Power Plant (VPP) allows optimal aggregation and pooling of all flexibilities (Commercial & Industrial process, storage, battery, electric vehicles…).


Renewable energy forecast programs
Integration of renewable energy sources into the grid through Demand Response
Participation of photo-voltaic power plants in ancillary services
Storage and Demand Response optimization solution
Digital transformation & IT integration
The digital era deeply change the way we work, from customer relationship to day to day operation, broader access to data and technologies raises new expectations and challenges. fleXmart is your key partner to adopt digital transformation, our solutions will help you to keep reinventing your business in a fast-moving environment. With fleXmart achieve enhancing customer experience and ensure cybersecurity at all level for your activities.


Customer Experience:
Digital customer experience, smart energy services, smart homes and workplaces to create sustainable customer engagement.

Business Reinvention:
Big Data & Analytics, Industrial IoT, new business models, multi-sided market approach, innovative ecosystem based on energy data… All the keys for business reinvention.

Operational Excellence:
Distributed intelligence for real time analytics, agile processes and DevOps are new requirements for operational excellence.

Trust & Compliance:
Physical and cyber security, privacy: prerequisites of success in building new customer relationships and innovative business partnerships.